P21Forth 1.02

User's Manual

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P21Forth 1.02


The Forth programming language provides the most simple interface between the programmer and the computer hardware. Charles Moore invented the computer language Forth and is today designing simple and inexpensive computers based on the Forth language.

The MuP21 microprocessor was designed by Charles Moore. It runs a form of Forth in its assembly language, and can output video directly to a moniitor.

P21Forth is an American National Standard X3.215-1994 document compliant implementation of the Forth language on the MuP21 microprocessor. P21Forth provides a portable high level ANS Forth programming environment with a built-in MuP21 assembler.

The P21Forth User Manual includes documentation on the implementation details, and documentation for the words that are specific to the P21Forth implementation. A partial copy of the American National Standard X3.215-1994 document is included in the P21Forth User Manual to document the standard words. P21Forth provides with many useful progamming tools and optimized operations on top of which it is easy to construct application programs for the MuP21 microprocessor.

P21Forth runs out of the dynamic ram on the MuP21 system after it boots from an 8 bit UVPROM or PCMCIA card. The software is distrubuted in either format, and on diskette with utility software to copy it to a PCMCIA card. The UVPROM version of the software is read-only and will operate as a read-only device when data is written back to the PROM.

P21Forth provides vectored input and output. The default operation is serial input, serial output, and video output. A parallel i/o is also supported, and combinantions of serial i/o, parallel i/o, and video output are supported. Color text, cursor positioning, and graphics block transfers are supported on the video output device. High performance multitasking capabilities and math routines are also provided in the P21Forth programming environment.

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