Appendix A

P21Forth Word List

          COLD                     CTAN*
          boot                     TAN*
          SUP                      COS*
          UNUSED                   SIN*
          SLOW-I/O                 CC
          FAST-I/O                 -PI
          TEXT                     do:8
          IN                       PI
          U256/                    CORDIC
          PING                     TASKS
          SCREEN#                  NAMES
          DRAW2                    do:7
          DRAW1                    ENVIRONMENT?
          SCREEN2                  ENDCASE
          SCREEN1                  ENDOF
          FIX2                     OF
          MAKESCREEN2              CASE
          GUI                      WORD
          XKEY                     skip
          XCURSOR                  AFT
          CURSOR                   NEXT
          INITCURSOR               FOR
          CBUF                     BOUNDS
          XX                       J
          YY                       I
          >COLOR                   LEAVE
          GCLS                     UNLOOP
          (BOX)                    +LOOP
          VLINE                    LOOP
          HLINE                    ?DO
          ARROW                    DO
          CPIXEL                   +loop
          BPIXEL                   loop
          CPIXEL                   ?do
          40X16                    do
          32X16                    FIND
          48X24                    EXPECT
          SET-VIDEO                SPAN
          COLS                     CONVERT
          ROWS                     -ROLL
          TOP-MARGIN               ROLL
          LEFT-MARGIN              ALIAS
          UL                       WWORDS
          ARCTG                    LSHIFT
          ARCCTG                   RSHIFT
          HIP                      M*/
          CORT>POLAR               M*/MOD
          PI/2                     TU/MOD
          POLAR                    TU*
          DU.                      COMPILE
          DU.R                     [COMPILE]
          D2/                      *.
          DU2/                     *-
          D2*                      BINARY
          MU/MOD                   ?#S
          */                       C"
          */MOD                    c"
          M/                       @EXECUTE
          M*                       FORTH
          M-                       VOCABULARY
          M+                       SEAL
          DMAX                     ALSO
          DMIN                     PREVIOUS
          DU<                      ONLY
          D<                       ORDER
          D=                       VOCS
          D0=                      .WID
          D-                       !WID
          D0>                      DEMO
          D0<                      G
          2ROT                     NEXTBUF
          2OVER                    BUF
          2SWAP                    THRU
          2R@                      LOAD
          2R>                      LIST
          2>R                      SCR
          2VARIABLE                BLOCK
          2CONSTANT                BUFFER
          2LITERAL                 FLUSH
          2LIT                     SAVE-BUFFERS
          UMAX                     buf>adr
          UMIN                     bufbase
          -ROT                     blk>sadr
          TUCK                     \
          NIP                      EMPTY-BUFFERS
          U>                       REFILL
          >                        UPDATE
          SM/REM                   maxbuf
          do:6                     buflist
          0<>                      maxblk
          0>                       do:5
          ERASE                    RESTORE-INPUT
          BLANK                    SAVE-INPUT
          DV!                      OUT
          VVALUE                   KEYTEST
          DDEFER                   keytest
          'ADR                     BOTH
          TO                       both
          VALUE                    PARALLEL
          IS                       SERIAL
          DEFER                    TS
          [CHAR]                   INITSERIAL
          [']                      ?RS
          PSCR                     GET-ORDER
          GSCR                     WORDLIST
          FLOPCARD                 VLINK
          CDEMO                    FORTH-WORDLIST
          CLINE                    HAT
          MIX                      USER
          SC                       usr
          SCRAMBLE                 CONSTANT
          BYE                      VARIABLE
          BROWN                    DOES>
          YELLOW                   CREATE
          DARKCYAN                 ;
          CYAN                     :
          DARKMAGENTA              :NONAME
          MAGENTA                  POSTPONE
          DARKRED                  RECURSE
          RED                      REVEAL
          DARKGREEN                COMPILE-ONLY
          GREEN                    IMMEDIATE
          DARKBLUE                 !lex
          BLUE                     HEAD,
          WHITE                    x
          GREY                     LAST
          PAGE                     ?UNIQUE
          CLS                      ]
          SEE                      do]
          SSEE                     DEFINITIONS
          ADR>                     SET-CURRENT
          >BODY                    GET-CURRENT
          >ADR                     CURRENT
          >NAME                    S"
          WORDS                    ."
          .ID                      ABORT"
          DUMP                     ,C"
          DM+                      (
          _TYPE                    .(
          ?CSP                     PARSE
          !CSP                     CHAR
          .S                       LITERAL
          REPEAT                   COMPILE,
          AGAIN                    ,
          UNTIL                    C,
          WHILE                    ALLOT
          ELSE                     '
          AHEAD                    QUIT
          IF                       EVALUATE
          MARK                     EVAL
          RESOLVE                  SOURCE-ID
          THEN                     BLK
          BEGIN                    DELIMIT
          MARKER                   SOURCE
          marker                   [
          SET-ORDER                do[
          do:4                     find
          CONTEXT                  UM*
          vsi                      /
          WID?                     MOD
          SAME?                    /MOD
          NAME>                    FM/MOD
          parse                    UM/MOD
          delimit                  DABS
          ?STACK                   WITHIN
          abort"                   MIN
          ABORT                    MAX
          THROW                    <
          CATCH                    U<
          ACCEPT                   BL
          do:3                     ACTIVATE
          TAP                      BUILD
          ?                        AWAKE
          .                        SLEEP
          U.                       STOP
          D.                       'S
          .R                       2
          U.R                      1
          D.R                      do:2
          S.R                      GGET
          d"                       GPUT
          s"                       WIN1
          do"                      TX!
          CR                       ?RX
          TYPE                     PAUSE
          SPACES                   WAKE
          SPACE                    wake
          .CHARS                   PASS
          NUF?                     pass
          SIGN                     TF
          #>                       TID
          #S                       TOS
          #                        FOLLOWER
          HOLD                     STATUS
          DIGIT                    WINDOW
          <#                       UP
          NUMBER?                  +loop
          >NUMBER                  loop
          DIGIT?                   next
          PACK                     MOVEC>
          -TRAILING                MOVE>C
          FILL                     MOVE
          PICK                     CMOVE
          AT                       CARD@
          AT-XY                    CARD!
          >BACKGROUND              2!
          >BG                      2@
          >FOREGROUND              DECIMAL
          >FG                      HEX
          KEY                      BASE@*
          P?RX                     *
          PAD                      FALSE
          HERE                     BLACK
          DP                       -2
          #IN                      -1
          >IN                      TRUE
          BASE                     +
          DPL                      UM+
          CSP                      XOR
          HLD                      OR
          V1                       AND
          XVEC                     0=
          STATE                    0<
          ?KEY                     S>D
          '?KEY                    SWAP
          EMIT                     OVER
          'EMIT                    DUP
          DEPTH                    DROP
          >CHAR                    NOP
          COUNT                    SP!
          +!                       SP@
          ABS                      R>
          DNEGATE                  R@
          D+                       >R
          ROT                      RP!
          D2*                      RP@
          32*                      @
          16*                      C@
          8*                       !
          4*                       C!
          2*                       if
          U2/                      else
          2/                       lit
          UM2*                     EXECUTE
          ALIGNED                  EXIT

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