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In Summary

FORTH is a program that interfaces keyboards with computer. It is a small program, though not intended for small computers. FORTH requires about 4K of core and each application (keyboard) requires an additional 1K. It also requires perhaps 100K characters of disk storage for source language. Modest enough requirements, but beyond the scope of desk-top computers.

FORTH implements a language that gives the user the complete access to hardware capabilities, and complete freedom to design a compact POL. Interestingly enough, FORTH applications do not use subscripts, counters and such house-keeping variables. They require very little data storage - usually in the form of arrays. They are composed mostly of definitions - seemingly endless nests of definitions - which are simple to write and simple to use. FORTH applications make efficient use of computer resources, and share these readily with other applications. In a word, FORTH is THE computer language.

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